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Co-founded by Dana Sullivan and Hillary Settle in the spring of 2018, Closetier is an online shop dedicated to providing on-trend outfits at an affordable price.

It all started about a decade ago when Dana and Hillary met in New York City at the Fashion Institute of Technology. After working on a few group projects together, the gals realized they made a pretty good team and became fast friends. Following graduation, they continued to work together on various real-world projects, including the launch of fashion/lifestyle editorial site, two+seven.

As they settled into their careers, Hillary, a marketing director and e-commerce specialist, and Dana, a copywriter and editor specializing in fashion and lifestyle brands, decided that, with their combined expertise and years of collaboration, it was time to launch their own business.


Closetier was born out of a love for fashion and a passion for business. Inspired by the emergence of styling services and subscription sites, Hillary and Dana felt a void in the marketplace. Where were the fully styled outfits for girls on a budget? Young women who adore fashion and are just getting started in their careers (just like they were, in NYC years ago) need affordable yet stylish options.

Closetier is not only about looking good, but feeling good in your own skin. What we wear and how we present ourselves to the world plays a huge part in that. But putting together a complete look is a challenge for many of us—whether we are limited on time, money or are just generally unsure of how to style an outfit.

Closetier provides the ultimate solution: curated, complete top-to-bottom outfits with no styling fees or subscriptions required!


Closetier is your one-stop shop for complete outfits at an affordable price.

Carefully curated and styled to reflect the season’s trends and your lifestyle, outfits from Closetier allow you to customize your wardrobe with pieces that not only work together but can easily be mixed and matched with other Closetier items, as well as with the clothing in your own closet. And, unlike other subscription sites and styling services, you know exactly what you're getting beforehand—and you know that it's in your budget!

With Closetier, there are no subscriptions and no styling fees—just easy-to-wear outfits at an affordable price.

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