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What is Closetier?

Closetier is an online clothing shop that offers complete outfits at an affordable price.

Do I have to purchase the entire outfit?

Nope! You can purchase items individually, or you can purchase an entire outfit at a discounted price.

Will I still get a discount if I don't buy the whole outfit?

No, the discount only applies if you purchase an entire outfit.

What if I don’t like all of the items in the outfit. Can I switch an item for something else in order to get the discount?

Unfortunately, at this time you cannot substitute an item in an outfit for a different item. Stay tuned, though! Eventually, we would like to make this a possibility.

Are there any subscription fees or styling fees?

Nope! Unlike other styling sites or subscription sites, there are no hidden fees when you shop with Closetier.

Why don't you carry my size?

While we don’t carry a full range of sizes at this time, we want to as soon as possible. Stay tuned! You can sign up for our newsletter to receive updates.

When will more outfits be available?

At this time, outfits will be updated on a seasonal basis.


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